Certified Divorce SpecialistsTM (CDSTM)

We understand that selling a house during a divorce requires a unique blend of real estate expertise and understanding of legal intricacies. Our team of Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialists brings both these crucial elements to the table, ensuring a smooth and fair transaction that safeguards your interests. We act as neutral parties, prioritizing your well-being and facilitating effective communication between all parties involved.

From determining the optimal listing price based on market trends and property valuation to managing negotiations and coordinating with legal professionals, our specialized knowledge streamlines the process. We possess the ability to communicate effectively with all parties, alleviating potential conflicts and helping achieve a resolution that aligns with your goals.

With a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist by your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of selling your house, allowing you to focus on healing and transitioning into the next chapter of your life.

Ashlee Check

Principal Agent | e-PRO® | REALTOR® | Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS)
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Karen Langsfeld

Principal Agent | P.S.A. | e-PRO® | REALTOR® | Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS)
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